Thoughts from Laurel Ridge

A taste of country livin'!

Barbara Crozier
Friday, March 04, 2016

Talk about country living... Today is the Gonzales Livestock Show for the youth of the area. All the kids have the day off school and I think it is absolutely lovely to see the community supporting this event, from the businesses that donate for the raffle, to the Gonzales Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture, who hosted an excellent "Cowboy Breakfast"!


Although my kids do not 'show', they thoroughly enjoyed seeing the heifers, pigs, goats and rabbits that their friends are showing, and I am in awe of the time and energy that goes into these animals. Remarkable children! Our wonderful Pilar, Ninja mentor and Laurel Ridge intern, showed three rabbits this morning, and we are so proud of her.



(Pilar and her rabbits!)


In honor of this wonderful, local event, and the cattle I saw this morning, our Weekly pre-order Early Release is an adorable, "Rodeo" themed Radko ornament.

'8 Second Nick' by Christopher Radko features Cattleman Santa riding a bucking bronco, and is really cute as can be! I just love him!


 8 Second Nick by Christopher Radko


('8 Second Nick' by Christopher Radko, in honor of the Gonzales Livestock Show being held now!)

Weekly early release... Beacuse we are really 'into' 2016!

Charlotte Georgiou
Friday, February 26, 2016

 You all have the idea now, right?!?


We are giving you a sneak peak, and a chance to pre-order, some of our wonderfully festive treasures that we will have in the store (and will be shipping all over the world!) come Christmastime!


The end of February is almost upon us, which I cannot believe (I am still getting the hang of writing 2016 as a date!) and so we thought that this week's pre-order early release needed to be something that reflected the year we are in! I am loving 2016, it is a good year!


So here we have it, 'Wrappin' Up 2016', a really jolly Santa, dated to reflect this fantastic year, and poised to give all us 'good kids' that perfect gift. I think he is simply magical!


As with every week, 'Wrappin' Up 2016' is a pre-order, so when ordered, he will be dispatched to you later in the year, when we receive him from the Christopher Radko Studio.

Wrappin' Up 2016 by Christopher Radko 


(Wrappin' Up 2016 by Christopher Radko, an adorable dated Santa ready for gifting! I adore him!)

Excitiment over new releases

Charlotte Georgiou
Friday, February 05, 2016

Many people have said to Barbara and I over the last year, that as much as they adore the Christmas craziness that is Laurel Ridge, they would also love to have sneaky looks at the really special, beautiful Christmas things that we have throughout the year.


 Radko Tree 2015


(Our Radko Tree in 2015, such a beauty!)


So we put our heads together (OK, so maybe we bashed our heads together!) and decided that we would begin to release our special Christmas products in February, one at a time, for Pre-Order.  


As with everything we do, there are limited numbers of these available, so grab them while you can!


Today's early release is this beautiful Radko ornament "Frosty's Guiding Light". This is a sensational snowman with a beautiful blue coat, and reminds me to take advantage of this slightly chilly weather while we still can!!!


 Frosty's Guiding Light by Christopher Radko


(Frosty's Guiding Light, by Christopher Radko)