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Delightful Desks

Charlotte Georgiou
Monday, August 03, 2015

Something amazing happened on Saturday. I was away from Laurel Ridge, spending the day with my mother, who has been visiting from England, and when I came back to the store in the late afternoon, Barbara had waved her magic wand, and a beautiful 'new' (although actually antique) desk had appeared in the Dining Room!


 Rosewood and Satinwood Rococo Revival Desk

(Lovely Rococo Revival Desk)


I was rather taken a'back with how lovely it was, and it got me thinking about the cyclic nature of fashions and trends. Take leggings, big in the 80s and then again thirty years later, worn a different way but still, bang on trend.  The same is true for furniture, as is evident in the revival styles that were typical of the American craftsmen of the 1800s.


Rosewood and Satinwoon Rococo Revival Desk Top 

(The top of the Rococo Revival Desk)


However, we now have a different cycle being added into this wheel, usability. Antique writing desks, which for a while had become functionally redundant, due to the large sizes of computer monitors and towers, are now perfect once again, as our small laptops and tablets have fueled a revival in the popularity of beautifully designed and made, high quality antique desks.


Rosewood and Satinwood Rococo Revival Desk Writing Surface 

(The writing surface of the Rococo Revival Desk)


This part of the trend cycle makes me particularly happy as I look at this beautiful piece, and wonder who will end up with it in their home or office, and what life will it lead from now on. Antiques, be they furniture, art, jewelery, crystal, china, or any other antique sub-category, are intrinsic parts of our history, that yearn to continue being part of our future.

Appreciating the Stories behind each piece

Charlotte Georgiou
Saturday, July 11, 2015

 Rococo sterling silver and cut glass cruet set

(A beautiful Rococo Sterling Silver and Cut Glass Cruet Set...)


In my opinion, the most wonderful and exciting part of being around antiques, are the stories that are coupled to them. Appreciating the provenance of a bed, or a painting, for example, makes the antique more than beautiful old furniture, paintings or jewelry. An interest in the tales that are part of these pieces makes them into snapshots of history, and creates both a mystique and an understanding of nuances of the particular historical period, and of those who owned the piece.


We have recently had the pleasure of accepting in some silver pieces (pictured) from a fascinating lady from San Antonio, who, after the Blitz Bombings of Central London during WWII, bought several pieces of silver from the London Silver Vaults, and brought them back to San Antonio with her. It is an understanding not simply of the historical period that a piece was made, but the individual life it had in the proceeding years, that gives antiques such a wonderful allure.


Georgian sterling silver and cut glass cruet set 

(A stunning Georgian Sterling Silver and Cut Glass Cruet Set...)


 Victorian Lion's Head silver plate punch bowl

(A lovely Victorian silver plate Lion's Head Punch Bowl...)