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Wow, what a season!

Charlotte Georgiou
Saturday, January 09, 2016


Happy New Year!


So... for everyone that makes a New Year's Resolution, here is mine... be better organized when the end of the Year craziness comes around!


 Laurel Ridge F M Fly House Gonzales In January


(Laurel Ridge today, post-Epiphany)


 Laurel Ridge F M Fly House Gonzales during Christmas


 (Laurel Ridge decorated for Christmas!)


You may have noticed that I just took a near-on 4 month hiatus from the blog, due entirely down to the intense demands of the store during the final months of last year! It was frantic and wonderful, and we all thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it. We are hugely blessed to be able to share our treasures with you all year, and when everyone steps up their shopping game in preparation for Christmas, it is fantastic to see and speak so many delightful people.


Now, with Epiphany observed and the Christmas decorations down, we have set to work sorting, and sorting, and sorting and... well, you get the idea. It never ceases to amazing me, that whenever one clears through that which one has been putting off ('One' in this case is not just me!), something wonderful is inevitably unearthed.


Michael Vintage Cards 


 (Cards Laurel Ridge carried that I received when I was just a little dot of a girl, found in our 'January Sort Out'!)


This year, that 'something' has come in the form of 'Vintage' cards, unused. I remember as a small girl having been sent those same cards, from Laurel Ridge, and the images on this stationary holds joyful nostalgic memories of early Christmas celebrations.


In addition to these wonderful memories, I also found what the Art Historian in me believes to be the 'most amazing cards in the history of forever'! (Or Christmas has made me a little delirious! A possibility!) To the casual onlooker, they are a replica of a beautiful classically realist painting, but on the inside, dry, almost British, humor! I LOVE THEM!


Gossip Vintage Painting Cards OutsideGossip Vintage Painting Cards interior


(The most amazing cards in the history of forever! (In my opinion, of course!))


So as Barbara and I are planning what this year and the future holds, and choosing all the stunning 'adornments' for Laurel Ridge (Watch this space for more 'personal adornments', they are coming and they are amazing!) we will also be reflecting on that which has, in years past, given us joy, and will be sharing it with you (And of course, feel free to share with us!).


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