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Charlotte Georgiou
Thursday, April 28, 2016

Here at Laurel Ridge, we like to do things a little differently... it is just in our nature!




So for Mother's Day, on May 7th from noon until 4pm, we are following our own course and holding a Champagne Reception, an invitation to 'our house' to enjoy wonderful company and have a few glasses of something fizzy, because the F.M. Fly House that you all know and love as our store, has also been a house and a home for the best part of 102 years!



 (Our beautiful house and home, the F.M. Fly house, built 1914 and loved by many!)


Every good Champagne Reception ends with a gift from the host to the guests, so of course, we have something indulgent up our sleeves for that too!


We want to celebrate this wonderful time of year, all the fantastic people in our lives, and of course, our mother's!


So it is with great delight that we request the pleasure of your company at the Laurel Ridge Mother's Day Champagne Reception on May 7th from noon until 4pm.



 (I had better remember to take the Chanel out BEFORE I pour the champagne!!!)





On a personal side note, it is at this time of year that I always reflect on the role of my mother in my life, but this year in particular, I am also thinking about my 'other mother'... and I am forever overwhelmed that I am so blessed to have such wonderful ladies in my life! I love you very dearly!


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