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Charlotte Georgiou
Thursday, February 11, 2016

Champagne Flutes, Vintage Bucket and Roses 


(Champagne Flutes, Vintage Bucket and Roses... ever the Valentine's classic)


Valentine's Day.... oh l'amour... a time to say 'I love you' or 'Je t'aime', and I adore this time of year!


I think many cynics have it all wrong. Valentine's Day is a time to show your affection and appreciation for anyone in a grander way than you may usually do, and to make them feel really special. It isn't merely a holiday for wives/girlfriends and husbands/boyfriends, it is more than that.


My kids, well the two small ones, are taking cards and candy into school to share with their friends and teachers, and presents into Church on Sunday to share with their special friends.


My mother has always used Valentine's as an excuse to pamper us, and this year sent all three kids little boxes of goodies, with a note on the inside very simply stating "I love you, from Granny"! To me that is Valentine's Day, an unexpected act of adoration.


Of course we all enjoy our significant other treating us to something special, and boys..... if you have not yet got something organized for you special lady.... you NEED to call me, or you will be in the dog-house!


But the joy of Valentine's Day is when someone, it may be (sub-text, should be, but they don't always read that sub-text!!!) when our significant other, treats us to something unexpected, or does something unexpected. By default, therefore, we should all be thinking of doing that same thing, something really special or unexpected for the ones we love this Valentine's Day.


Go on, show them how much you care this Sunday!


(cue cute photos of unexpected gifts for that special someone in your life! Call me and I will even wrap it ready for you!!!)




(Vintage Chanel Button bracelets in Waterford Champagne Coupes, and pink Rose buds in an Antique Cranberry Glass Vase)




 (Antique button cuff-links or a pocket watch on a stand for the boys!)




 (Sweetheart Radko ornaments, Hearts and pretty places to put their jewelry!)

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