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Charlotte Georgiou
Thursday, July 16, 2015

We have spent the last two weeks up to our eyeballs in the wonderful Crystal Theatre Summer Children's Workshop, which really is the culmination of all the amazing work that our talented 'Shakespeare Ninja' Troupe have done throughout the year, and into which, we add additional participants, some of whom get enveloped into the next academic years' Ninjas! This year, the workshop has been so popular that we have a total of 27, yes, that is TWENTY SEVEN, students!


 During Dress Rehearsal

(During Dress Rehearsal!)


In the calm before the storm of the performance tomorrow evening at 7pm, I am reflecting on the tremendous energy that the Workshop students, and the Shakespeare Ninjas, have brought to the last two weeks, and in some cases, the whole academic year.


A few months ago, we discovered a book by a wonderful author and actor, and have used this first book in the series, 'The Land of Stories' as a platform to inspire the Ninjas to write their own script for the Summer Theatre Workshop. This is the first time that these students have created their own script for performance, and they couldn't be more proud of themselves and their accomplishment. In addition, two students have created the music for the 'Witch's Song' and again, this is a first for these talented young performers.


 Our Shakespeare Ninjnas, at our afternoon 'Performance Party'!

(Our Shakespeare Ninjas, at our afternoon 'Performance Party'!)


This had naturally led to a desire to discover more about their own capabilities and the books that the script is inspired by, which, although leading to a failed attempt to get them up to a book signing (but that is a story for another day!), has taken them on a journey of theatrical development which has meant that they will present their performance tomorrow night as more capable and well-rounded performers.


I had to laugh the other day, but one of our Ninjas, who I am certain knows what Barbara and I 'do' when we are not at the Crystal Theatre, said to me "Miss Charlotte, do you have any idea where I can buy or find Thank you cards?" This really put it all into perspective for me... these amazing students we have, really do have no idea that Barbara and I, thanks to decades of hard work on Barbara's part, have a whole other world that we are involved with away from the Theatre, where we happen to sell Thank you cards! I feel blessed everyday, that I am part of an organization that includes Laurel Ridge and all the beautiful pieces that we sell, and also allows us to be a part of growing the next generation of theatrical performers, where Barbara and I began our training in the first place!  And yes, I know where you can get Thank You Cards!


 At Laurel Ridge, we even have Thank You cards in different languages!

(At Laurel Ridge, we even have Thank You Cards in different languages!)


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