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Thoughts from Laurel Ridge

Love's in the air!

Barbara Crozier
Saturday, February 10, 2018



Valentine's Day a time to say "I love you!"



Champagne Flutes, Vintage Bucket and Roses 


(Champagne Flutes, Vintage Bucket and Roses... ever the Valentine's classic)


Valentine's Day.... oh l'amour... a time to say 'I love you' or 'Je t'aime', and I adore this time of year!


Go on, show them how much you care this week!





(Vintage Chanel Button bracelets in Waterford Champagne Coupes, and pink Rose buds in an Antique Cranberry Glass Vase)




 (Antique button cuff-links or a pocket watch on a stand for the boys!)




 (Sweetheart Radko ornaments, Hearts and pretty places to put their jewelry!)

A Season of Sharing

Barbara Crozier
Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Laurel Ridge Christmas Open House & Silent Auction    Sat, Sept 30

Normally, the buzz would be that Laurel Ridge is decorated and ready for the holidays, that the wassail and the champagne are bubbling, and about a fabulous Texas Santa artist.   And, that this Santa Smith (as he refers to himself) works with vintage fabrics and furs.   Even the tiny treasures that fill the packs on Santa’s back are vintage … or can even be from your personal stash of things that mean something to you! 

If that isn’t enough to bring a smile to your face in this season … this year…. on the heels of all Texas has been through, the holiday Open House at Laurel Ridge includes a silent auction to benefit hurricane recovery efforts.

 Laurel Ridge’s owner is putting things she has purchased at other benefit auctions up for grabs again … jewelry made from the rubble of the Bastrop fires, and a dated Radko ornament issued the last Christmas before the destruction of the Twin Towers.   There’s a picnic basket purchased at an auction to support rural health care and paintings that have raised monies for research.  Who knows what will be added before Saturday’s event.  

Bid in the comment section on the Laurel Ridge Facebook page throughout the week, and on Saturday you can bid in person while you shop at Laurel Ridge.

Meet the new Santa artist and check out the wonderful new Santas made from real one-of-a-kind treasures.  Sip cold champagne, drink hot wassail, and munch on Christmas mints. 

This Saturday, reflect on all the reasons you have to smile at Laurel Ridge in historic downtown Gonzales!

            Laurel Ridge bringing joy to hearts and homes, once again.   

Shop Downtown and All Around

Barbara Crozier
Tuesday, November 15, 2016

  It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas ... all around the town!  For years and years it seemed Laurel Ridge was always the first on the block to decorate for the holidays, but a quick trip through our downtown and it obvious that is no longer the case.   The Main Street team and city employees have been busy at work, and it shows.   The old-fashioned lights strung across our city streets make me think of Bedford Falls and listening for George Bailey.     

   Call me sentimental, but it really is a wonderful life!   It’s a wonderful opportunity to be part of the downtown revitalization of our historic little city by shopping and supporting the new and established businesses of downtown Gonzales! 




You're invited!

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Here at Laurel Ridge, we like to do things a little differently... it is just in our nature!




So for Mother's Day, on May 7th from noon until 4pm, we are following our own course and holding a Champagne Reception, an invitation to 'our house' to enjoy wonderful company and have a few glasses of something fizzy, because the F.M. Fly House that you all know and love as our store, has also been a house and a home for the best part of 102 years!



 (Our beautiful house and home, the F.M. Fly house, built 1914 and loved by many!)


Every good Champagne Reception ends with a gift from the host to the guests, so of course, we have something indulgent up our sleeves for that too!


We want to celebrate this wonderful time of year, all the fantastic people in our lives, and of course, our mother's!


So it is with great delight that we request the pleasure of your company at the Laurel Ridge Mother's Day Champagne Reception on May 7th from noon until 4pm.



 (I had better remember to take the Chanel out BEFORE I pour the champagne!!!)





On a personal side note, it is at this time of year that I always reflect on the role of my mother in my life, but this year in particular, I am also thinking about my 'other mother'... and I am forever overwhelmed that I am so blessed to have such wonderful ladies in my life! I love you very dearly!


Happy Easter to All!

Loretta Shirley
Friday, March 25, 2016

At this time of year, with Spring in full bloom and all the fun of Easter Egg hunts and family gatherings, it is one of our favorite times of year.


As a company of Christians, we are off to our respective services this weekend and

in keeping  with the season, we at Laurel Ridge are showcasing "Holy Beauty" by Christopher Radko.  It is one of the most stunning ornaments I have seen,ever!


 Holy Beauty by Christopher Radko


("Holy Beauty" by Christopher Radko)


And in the spirit of family time and Happy Easter, here is a cute picture of Henry and Sophie last Easter with little white bunnies brought over by Miss Kim!


Kids with white bunnies 


Have a very Happy Easter!

Colors of Spring in a pre-order!

Loretta Shirley
Friday, March 11, 2016

Spring reared it's head with pops of colors and wildflowers!


In the store we have some of the most beautiful silk bluebonnets I have ever seen...


Blue Bonnet Wreath Made by Laurel Ridge Blue Bonnets at Laurel Ridge


Mother Nature then promptly turned around and gave us lots of rain!


While some of us welcome the rain, others are less keen. But to me, the rain makes all the spring colors more vibrant, and shine, so this week for our Pre-order early release, we have 3 different colors of Christopher Radko baubles! These are hand painted and at $35 for a set of three, are a great buy! They are just so cheerful!


As with all our Pre-orders, we only have limited numbers, so give us a call, or buy online, to make sure you get your favorite color!


And to all, HAPPY SPRING!!!!


 Christopher Radko Boxed Glass BlueChristopher Radko Boxed Glass PurpleChristopher Radko Boxed Glass Spring Green



(Christopher Radko Boxed Glass set of 3 baubles in Blue, Purple and Spring Green)

A taste of country livin'!

Barbara Crozier
Friday, March 04, 2016

Talk about country living... Today is the Gonzales Livestock Show for the youth of the area. All the kids have the day off school and I think it is absolutely lovely to see the community supporting this event, from the businesses that donate for the raffle, to the Gonzales Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture, who hosted an excellent "Cowboy Breakfast"!


Although my kids do not 'show', they thoroughly enjoyed seeing the heifers, pigs, goats and rabbits that their friends are showing, and I am in awe of the time and energy that goes into these animals. Remarkable children! Our wonderful Pilar, Ninja mentor and Laurel Ridge intern, showed three rabbits this morning, and we are so proud of her.



(Pilar and her rabbits!)


In honor of this wonderful, local event, and the cattle I saw this morning, our Weekly pre-order Early Release is an adorable, "Rodeo" themed Radko ornament.

'8 Second Nick' by Christopher Radko features Cattleman Santa riding a bucking bronco, and is really cute as can be! I just love him!


 8 Second Nick by Christopher Radko


('8 Second Nick' by Christopher Radko, in honor of the Gonzales Livestock Show being held now!)

Weekly early release... Beacuse we are really 'into' 2016!

Friday, February 26, 2016

 You all have the idea now, right?!?


We are giving you a sneak peak, and a chance to pre-order, some of our wonderfully festive treasures that we will have in the store (and will be shipping all over the world!) come Christmastime!


The end of February is almost upon us, which I cannot believe (I am still getting the hang of writing 2016 as a date!) and so we thought that this week's pre-order early release needed to be something that reflected the year we are in! I am loving 2016, it is a good year!


So here we have it, 'Wrappin' Up 2016', a really jolly Santa, dated to reflect this fantastic year, and poised to give all us 'good kids' that perfect gift. I think he is simply magical!


As with every week, 'Wrappin' Up 2016' is a pre-order, so when ordered, he will be dispatched to you later in the year, when we receive him from the Christopher Radko Studio.

Wrappin' Up 2016 by Christopher Radko 


(Wrappin' Up 2016 by Christopher Radko, an adorable dated Santa ready for gifting! I adore him!)

It's that time of the week again

Friday, February 19, 2016


Friday seems to come around at lightning speed, so here we are with another pre-order early Christmas release...


With the turn in the weather, this beautiful new baby ornament, 'Newborn Tree by Christopher Radko', makes us think of all the all the 'First Christmases' that will be a blessing this year. This lovely white tree, trimmed in pinks, blues and yellows makes the perfect gift for a baby shower, and we just love it!


For anyone that is having or knows of, a new baby that has come or is coming this year, this ornament is a 'must have'! Enjoy!

 Newborn Tree by Christopher Radko


('Newborn Tree' by Christopher Radko - now avilable for pre-order!)

Weekly pre-order release... just in time for Valentine's!

Friday, February 12, 2016


Here Comes Yumm! by Christopher Radko 

 ('Here Comes Yumm!' by Christopher Radko - the cutest ornament in fun Valentine's colors!)


As promised, our Friday weekly early 'Christmas' pre-order release... which we think is just the cutest!!!


Some people want roses, we want Santa to bring us trays of cookies on Valentine's Day!!!


With his candy colored coat and trousers, what is not to love about this adorable fellow.


We hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day and a fabulous long weekend (come and shop with us on Monday if you are out and about, we will be open!)